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Can anyone give me a reason why an email from an external source would go to certain people within a domain but not others.

Our client was waiting for an email, this was found in the quarantine of the server which was then forwarded. The unusal thing is the person who was CC'd in it recieved the email no problems.

Any helps or suggestions as to why this happened would be great.
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usually its client machine issue, anti-virus anti-malware application installed on his machine
you can use the following command to verify if the email received to recipient mailbox or stucked in quarantine of the server
Get-MessageTrackingLog -recipients "recipient@domain.com" -eventID fail -start month/day/year -end month/day/year
then use the same with adding |fl to view full detail of the message
if no result found that means the client received the mail and it saved to his mailbox "problem is client machine "
if there is results check the reason written