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trust relationship and the primary domain failed

stlhost asked
Easily fixed if I could physically access the workstation but I only have remote access via teamviewer. Unfortunately our local account is now locked because no one seems to remember the password. In teamviewer there is (was) an option to reboot in safe mode but for this particular PC the option is not there. Any suggestions or tricks I can use to get it back on the domain?? Office is 200 miles away
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Andy MIT Systems Manager

If you've locked the accounts on the computer going into safe mode probably won't do you much good as you'll still need to log into the computer. The first step is getting the password for the local admin account reset.

You could try resetting the computer object in AD Users and Computers (http://redmondmag.com/articles/2014/04/21/domain-trust-issues.aspx) if you can't get to site to reset the admin password on the computer.


That doesn't work. The computer was missing from AD unfortunately so I re-added it but no help.
IT Systems Manager
Yeah unfortunately it can be a bit hit/miss doing it that way. At this point the only thing I can think of doing is to get the local admin password reset on the machine (if there's no record or knowledge of it) so it can be logged onto and dis-joined/rejoined to domain.


I remove the network cable, login as a domain user with local administrator rights (that exists on the machine) and reset the local administrator password.  Then I log out, plug the cable back in, log in as the local admin and remove/re-add the machine to the domain.