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I have a Meru wireless system. My users are experiencing an issue that when they login using wireless the login script from AD tries to run but the users do not or cannot see a specific server that the login script is trying to map them to. So the issue is that they cannot access any mapped drives to that particular server. Now if they plug the laptop into the network and login everything works perfectly. This only happens when they use wireless. The other crazy thing is that they can access any other server on the network. I cannot even force a drive mapping to the one server nor can I ping it from the Meru appliance nor can the server ping the Meru appliance. This happened a couple of weeks back and after a few hours just started working. Now it has happened again but this time the issue has remained for over 24hrs.
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Harper McDonaldCommented:
What is different about this server / any recent changes / OS / Anti-Virus / Firewall / Access Rules?
TabDBAuthor Commented:
Nothing has changed. This same issue came up 1 week ago and it just cleared up after a few hours. This time it has lasted into a second day.
Harper McDonaldCommented:
Anything in the event logs on the clients that would help troubleshoot?  Is this VPN or just in the building?  What is this server used for?
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Craig BeckCommented:
This is screaming IP conflict to me.

Can you reboot the server and see if you can still ping its IP while it's restarting?

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Harper McDonaldCommented:
Reboot a production server?  Try an NSLOOKUP....or ping -a
TabDBAuthor Commented:
So when we are on wireless the nslookup fails. The ping also fails, but again only between these two devices. The Meru appliance cannot ping the server and the server cannot ping the appliance. As I mentioned this happened a couple of weeks ago and after a few hours everything just started working. We checked the logs and logged into the server but we do not see anything to do with IP conflicts. We have everything on our network basically static assigned including workstations and the DHCP only hands out IP addresses outside the range of our statically assigned addresses. I can reboot the server but of course that will be late tonight.
TabDBAuthor Commented:
Just to add these devices are on the same network plugged into different switches but in the same room together.
Craig BeckCommented:
Yeah reboot a production server.  Why not??  Why else would we have a maintenance window??

Of course, you don't need DHCP to cause an IP conflict.  It can, and does happen when someone gives a device the same IP as something else.  We're talking basics here...

NSLOOKUP won't help you determine if there's an IP conflict if the conflicting device doesn't have a host entry in DNS.  It also won't help if the server you're trying to perform the NSLOOKUP query against is the server that you can't contact.  

It's a simple test to pull the server from the network for a few seconds by disconnecting its network cable or reboot it as I already said... there's another reason for a reboot too, but anyone that knows anything about diagnosing faults should know that this is the first question asked anyway :-)

It could be the controller's fault.  Look at the last post.

Also, I did mention doing a ping!  Using the -a switch will only prove that a reverse lookup can be performed... not that a forward lookup will be successful.  You don't even need a PTR record for a server to be reachable or to use SMB.
TabDBAuthor Commented:

You were right about a screaming IP. Come to find out a user came in with an iPad from home and connected to our corp wireless versus the guest. The iPad somehow took over my server IP.
Craig BeckCommented:
Glad you found it.  :-)
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