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I recently purchased an Ipad Air 2 wifi rather than the Ipad Air 2 with cellular. Is there anyway of connecting the Ipad to the Internet through an Android smartphone when out and about.

Secondly, do these wifi ipads not have options to add adapters in the future if need be for cellular / 4G ?

Any feedback on this much appreciated.
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Jim RiddlesPrepress/OMS SpecialistCommented:

Yes you can connect your iPad 2 over a WiFi connection to your Android smartphone, provided that you have a tethering plan through your cell provider.

No, there is no way to add an adapter to your iPad 2 to connect to a cellular / 4G network.  You can purchase a WiFi hotspot device for this purpose, but you can't modify your iPad 2.
Ipad Air 2 wifi can only connect to wifi hotspots or WiFi connection to your Android smartphone if your smartphone allows it.

"Secondly, do these wifi ipads not have options to add adapters in the future if need be for cellular / 4G ?"

No, not at present.
discoveranotherAuthor Commented:
Thankyou for your responses.

Two further questions:-

1) How do setup WiFi through Android smartphone to Ipad for future reference

2) Could you guide me to purchasing a WiFi hotspot device useful for the purpose i'm referring to ?

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Please close this post and open a new post for your new new questions.
I can connect you to a link by cnet.com to read about the best mobile hot-spot  devices of 2015

discoveranotherAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the fact that new questions have to be submitted, but in the context of this website and thread, further questions and answers do follow on from an initial question that has been asked as in this case, which relate to the same subject.

Only when further questions completely relate to a different subject should they be submitted under another thread.
Re: your additional questions.
1) requires your smartphone details and your smartphone contract terms to assist in a solution.
These anomalies can lead to a very long lasting Q&A thread.
2) I believe that I have provided you a good guide to purchasing a WiFi hotspot device.

If you want further assistance then you need only to ask.
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