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Issues with off line files in Win7/2k8

We have an employee who's Documents folder was set to use offline files via group policy. As part of a migration we are currently working on we decided to stop using offline files. We thought this particular employee was properly removed from the GPO and the documents were copied locally to her laptop. We thought wrong. I noticed yesterday that her Documents were still set to offline and sync'ing with the server and nothing is local to her computer. I know the simple answer is to go into the GPO and make sure we set it up correctly when I removed her from it but....the GPO is no longer in existence. Can anyone tell me a good safe way to make sure I get these files saved to her laptop and break the sync?

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Go to control panel and sync center and then disable offline files. Then simply copy (I suggest robocopy) the most current files/folders to the laptop from the server location.


Thanks Lionelmm. I forgot I also had folder redirection turned on. Once I disable offline files and changed the location of Documents in properties it copied all the files locally to her Documents.