delete folders in local version of tfs 2013 via visual studio 2013

Hi All,

I configured my system to connect to tfs server and downloaded all the relevant folders. However i do not need most of them, my solution needs only 6 or 7 of the projects. Now i need to delete remaining folders from my workspace.

My question if i delete the folders now and later on when i check in some other file in the existing folders will this deleted structure get updated in the server? How to delte the folders with out affecting server.

i use tfs 2013 using vs 2013. I am new to using TFS.
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if the files and folders are not checked out in your local workspace, local deletion of them will not cause any harm or risks.

to avoid to get the folders again from server you should only actualize those folders by 'get latest' which you need.

you can add new files to the server by using the tfs source control explorer which shows all folders available at the server. also folders and files which you don't have downloaded or which you deleted locally were shown grayed in the right pane and you could add new files to a folder at the server by right-clicking at the folder and choose 'add items to folder' from context menu.

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