Install Exchange server 2013SP1 on server 2012R2?

OK Experts, i am attempting to create a replacement Hardware and Software environment to service my office.  I am running some old gear and software and have no desire to migrate any of it.  I just want to build a new domain and setup Exchange Server 2013 SP1 onto a stand-alone member server 2012 R2.  I have read hundreds of posts about the domain preperation and the prerequisites for installing Exchange.  None of them speak to exchange server 2013 SP1 in particular.  Either i can't see the forest amongst the trees or i am missing something.  I have tried to get this to work at least 5 different times.  I am going to have a clean install of server 2012 R2 with all of the windows updates installed within an hour or so.  I plan to make one a domain controller and the other a member server that will eventually house the Exchange server installation.  Can some one please provide me with an accurate guide as to what steps need to be taken on each machine in sequence in order to make this happen?  I am very frustrated  at this point with chasing my tail.  All help is greatly appreciated.  Please do not post links to previous threads as i have read them all.  I have followed TEchnet to a T.  each attempt gives me different errors and different problems.  The farthest that i have been able to achieve is to get to Mailbox Transport role and then crash out at 93%.  I am reloading the computers so the install logs are all gone.  I am looking for a clean fresh start at this.  Who's with me?  thanks in advance.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
First - I would download Exchange 2013 CU7 from Microsoft and do the installation with that. SP1 is very old (Effectively CU4) so you may as well go straight to the latest.

Without know what the errors are, it is impossible to say what is causing the problem. It should be as easy as install Windows, install the requirements as per the Microsoft TechNet article, then run setup.exe.


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digitalsoupOwnerAuthor Commented:
good point i will retrieve the latest CU7 now.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
If your Domain Controller is setup properly and DNS is configured correctly on the Exchange server it should just be a matter of preping Active Directory for Exchange. You need to make sure that all of the pre-reqs have been installed on Exchange as well before attempting to load it.

You also need to have required permissions as well to install/prep properly. For the first Exchange Server into the environment you need Schema Admins, Enterprise admins, domain admins. Any preceding Exchange server you install you will need to be part of the "Organization Management" Role.

Personally, if you want a complete walk through of this (end-to-end) i would highly recommend looking at the Exchange Deployment Assistant.

digitalsoupOwnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the input guys.  I guess i just needed to get thte latest versions of everything and apply all of the Windows updates to get it to work.  It appears as though everything went through without a hitch this time.
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