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wordpress portfolio image issue


I am having issues with a image in the portfolio i am using.   No matter what i try the image won't resize properly and always looks funny (   - Under Events on Front page).  I have no idea what is wrong with it.

Can anyway suggest how to fix this image issue.. or suggest another portfolio plug to use.  I am using it for events..  or is there an event plug in that works like the portfolio???

Thank you,

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Tom Beck
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The portfolio plugin seems to be working properly for resizing image automatically on the events page:

There is quite a difference in the html output between the front page and the events page for each image.

Events page has this for a portfolio image tag:

<img width="1220" height="499" alt="Parade of Chefs logo_cropped" class="attachment-full wp-post-image" src="">

Front page has this:

<img alt="" src="">

...different images and no classes specified on the front page portfolio images.

Has to be something different in the way you have added the portfolio to the events page that you did not do on the front page.
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Hey Tom,

I just add the photo as "featured image", i did not do anything special.   So is there something wrong with my shortcode on the front page then??  Can i just add that class in there somehow??  I can't seem to find the shortcode on the events page....

here is the short code for the front page  

[recent_works layout="grid" picture_size="fixed" filters="true" thumbnail="yes" columns="3" cat_slug="" number_posts="12"][/recent_works]

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Just pointing out the differences based on what I see. I don't know which portfolio plugin you are using or how portfolios are added to the site content. It's different for every one. Even if you told me which one, it's not likely I would have had direct experience with it.

If you cannot find the shortcode on the events page then adding the shortcode is apparently not the way to add a portfolio with this plugin. Or at least not the way you have done it. Perhaps settings are wrong. The picture_size="fixed" seems suspect. Are there other choices?

I would try to figure out how the portfolio was added to the events page and duplicate that.
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Peter Hart
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