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Windows server 2012 hyper-v machine not responding properly after memory upgrade - need help asap

My exchange server (2013) is on a hyper-v machine. Both host and virtual machines are 2012 r2.

I upgradedthe ram chips from 32gb to 64gb and host machine booted up fine. Changed ram on virtual machine to 60gb and booted it up.

All seemed fine but then i noticed that there were some problems. Exchange never came back online and i cant rdp in to the server, i can only log in via host machine hyper-v session.

The server pings, and i can see services etc, but if i try to say open control panel then > windows firewall it will freeze. I cant get in to network options either.

I have now swapped back to the original ram and rebooted but still having the same issue.

need help with this ASAP as this is only exchange server in our domain so all emails are currently down.

I can get in to the event viewer but nothing seems to jump out either on host or virtual machine.
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Sounds like the OS got corrupted. You could try a scandisk, since it is booting. And/or restore a backup from a point in time that it was working. If your DR strategy is sound, you can even move the logs from the failed machine to the restored backup and replay them so there is no data loss from the last backup time.
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booting in to safe mode, i disabled windows firewall service. Rebooted and everything is fine.

So, main problem is sorted but why would the firewall service cause this?
It likely didn't. I suspect it is a symptom, not the cause.
You could try a scandisk,

someone had a DOS flashback :)

Rebooted and everything is fine.

is that with the 64gb installed or still with 32gb?
With 32. Its up and running so I don't wanna tempt fate and mess around with it more. Still looking for more input into why this could be happening, however as long as nothing arises ill leave any changes till weekend
SanDisk, chkdsk, tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to.
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