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Filter Duplicate Values from a Data Connected Repeating Table?

-Polak asked
I have a repeating table with 5 columns that accesses 1 field of a SharePoint List Data Connection. Users will potentially repeat this table 5 times or more. Thus, I would like to prevent them from making the same selection twice.

I was going to follow this thread to create data validation if a user were to make the same selection twice:

But I was wondering if you could Filter the SP list so that after a user makes one selection it would remove that value from being able to be selected again? If so, how would I go about this?
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I believe I found a solution by creating the following filters on the secondary data connection "MissionPartners" in EACH of the 5 repeating fields in my repeating table using the not() function.

Please see the below image to assist in understanding:
snipAdditional clarification here:
While this is a bit cumbersome and takes a while to create with 5 repeating fields, it works. If an expert can confirm that this is the best way to go about the solution I will award points.