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BOOT_DEVICE led lit on Sabertooth mobo

 I have a Sabertooth Z97 Mark I motherboard which has been working great. OS is on a SSD. Usually boots to the login screen in less than 10 seconds. Recently I noticed it was taking over a minute and also noticed the BOOT_DEVICE led lit red on the board. After about 2 minutes the led goes away and the login screen comes up. So I went into the BIOS to check the settings and for boot priority it has my 2TB storage drive and the blueray writer. No SSD. But under boot override if I click on the SSD it jumps out of the BIOS and goes right to the login screen within 5 seconds.
Anyone know what's going on?

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try also another sata port and cable
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I was able to set it in the BIOS to override the boot sequence. Like you said David it was taking to long to look for it. With the boot override turned on it now boots in less than 10 seconds.