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Windows 7 PC can connect to network but no internet

I'm trying to get a clients PC back on the internet. I have Googled & found many solutions, tried them all & still no joy.

What I've tried is:
Command line commands to flush dns, delete arp cache, clear routing table, & reset the tcp stack
I have deleted the winsock & winsock2 from the registry & it reinstalled the TCP/IP
I have changed network cables, connected it to another network, & changed out switches
I tried using a usb network adapter with no luck
And I have rebooted after doing each of these.

I have been able to ping a site & get a IP address
Also I have once connected to this PC remotely as it is setup with LogMeIn
But after starting any browser, it won't connect to any website.

I'm sort at the end of my list of solutions & hoping someone here may be able to help me further.
2 Solutions
Muhammad MullaCommented:
Are you able to get to a website via ip address?

Check your dns forwarders on your internal dns server and verify that they are still valid with your isp.
If you can ping something like www.google.com then you know name resolution is working.  If it's just browsing that doesn't work, often it's proxy settings that are getting in the way.

Have you tried different browsers?
BlinkrAuthor Commented:
That for all of the suggestions.

I am not able to get the a website using an IP address. I can ping (from the command prompt) www.google.com & get an IP address. I can also, from command prompt, ping an IP address & get a response.

I have tried Firefox, Chrome, & IE. None of them will access a site with either with an IP address or a web address.

I am using the router as the first DNS & Google's ( for the second. I also have tried a couple of others. But no joy.

The setup goes thru a DLink router, the to a Comcast modem router. There are other computers at this location going thru the same router without any problems. But I am planning on changing out the router today to see that makes any difference.

Thanks again.
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Have you checked the proxy settings?  Some malware will make use of these, and when the malware is removed and the settings remain browsing is broken.  Often Firefox and Chrome make use of the same settings as IE.
proxy settingsMost likely the checkbox for using a proxy server should be unchecked for your environment as in the screenshot.
Is there antivirus or software version of a firewall that is blocking browser?
BlinkrAuthor Commented:
The 2 solutions I gave points to had the best solution. The whole system crashed & I was never able to find a solution. I tried all of the solutions here before it went down. As far as I can tell, it may have been whatever made it crash & burn that was causing this problem.

I could never get it boot up again.
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