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Last data point in Excel chart not showing up

mssantan asked
there are numerous charts in this excel file that are working fine.   The one labeled "Fortis EBITDA" its on the top right... does not show the last data point for DECember.   Please help, cant figure it out.
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Try starting the series from column C instead of column B.


Can you walk me thru?  Where do I make the change?
SimonPrincipal Analyst

Edit the horizontal (category axis) of the graph. Switch from text to numbers and set auto minimum and auto maximum and then switch back to text.
Rob HensonFinance Analyst

Right click on the chart and choose Select Data. Change the graph data range to:

='Fortis Graphs'!$A$2:$BJ$4

Click OK and then repeat, right click, Select Data.

Deselect the Sales series and click OK.

Only EBITDA will show, with Dec14 bar included.

Rob H
Easiest way to modify the series is to select that series and modify the formula in the formula bar. You would change this...

    =SERIES('Fortis Graphs'!$A$4,'Fortis Graphs'!$B$2:$BJ$2,'Fortis Graphs'!$B$4:$BJ$4,1)

....to this....

    =SERIES('Fortis Graphs'!$A$4,'Fortis Graphs'!$C$2:$BJ$2,'Fortis Graphs'!$C$4:$BJ$4,1)

Once modified, hit Enter to apply.



Rob H... after doing that... the data point for dec shows... but it throws off the quarterly calculation.  and also doesn't show DEC lableCan someone edit the file and send back correct and I can look at properties to see what you did.   thx


Wayne... I tried yours... it does add the data point.. but changes the legend from starting with March, to starting with Jan... we want it to end on each quarter..  which therefore it doesn't end with Dec 14
How do your quarters end, if not Mar, Jun, Sep, and Dec?
Principal Analyst
>Can someone edit the file and send back correct
This is with the minimal correction of setting auto min and max on the category axis. No changes to data series... It now displays the "Dec" label and data.
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