Server clocks keep reverting to 10/16/2008

Ever since the last round of windows updates about a week ago, we have 4 servers with similar issues.

Each time the servers are rebooted, the clocks revert to 10/16/2008

- exchange server, server 2008 r2, domain1 - physical
- domain controller, server 2008 r1, domain1, dns server - vmware
- utility server, server 2008 r2, domain1 - physical
- domain controller for an unrelated domain, server 2008 r2, dns server - vmware

the domain controller reverting, did not cause all of the other servers to lose their time - and the 4th server is in an entirely different domain.  this did cause all of the active directory connections to get out of whack as the tombstone times were jacked up.  prevented people from authenticating to exchange, since exchange thought it was 7 years ago

was there a recent windows update that messed up timezones or something?  where should i start looking?

note:  when i say rebooted, i mean rebooted - not turned off, not removed from electricity - i've ruled out the case of a dead cmos battery, especially as it's happening to four individual servers
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I would check the time on the ESXi host.  If somehow it has the wrong date/time, it will hand out the wrong date/time.

If the DC is on ESXi and it gets the wrong time, it will hand out the wrong time to anything that uses it as a time source.
What is the date/time on the VM Server?

Are any of those machines pointing to any of the domain controllers as NTP server?

Where should those server get their time from?
FocISAuthor Commented:
there is no real vm server as it's vmware, the vm's get their times automatically from individual physical esxi hosts, which get their time from

the domain servers should get their time from the esxi hosts, or active directory (we've never adjusted the ntp servers from out of the box windows, other than how they are handled by vmware tools

note that two of the servers that do this are physical servers with nothing to do with vmware, though the domain controller is on vmware for one of them

the 4th server has its own domain, dns, but is on one of the same esxi hosts, so i guess the only thing in common is they're all windows servers (same updates), and all in one way or the other affected by esxi?
FocISAuthor Commented:
Yep, exactly what it was - the esxi host failed to start its ntp client, and the two virtual servers (one dc and one unrelated) were both on this esxi host..

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