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NVS 510 only recognizes 2 out of my 4 monitors

Well I guess the question title say it all... No matter what I try my newly purchased NVS 510 only recognizes 2 out of my 4 monitors.

The card in installed onto a Brand X Intel motherboard and seems to work just fine except for that fairly annoying issue !

All four monitors are identical and are plugged into the four mDVI of the card via (Nvidia supplied) mDP to DVI adapter. Only the "lower" (when seen from behind) two outputs work (ie if I switch the monitor they will work fine but only two at a time, the ones connected to the lower two ports).

Control panel with 4 monitors attached
This is a Windows 7 / 64 system. All patches up to date. Motherboard Bios and drivers up to date.

Any idea / pointer most welcome. If nothing else confirmation that this setup is supposed to work
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Can you find photograph of the box of "NVS 510"?
Driver version? HDCP status? Set up mosaic?
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Assuming you're running the four VW247h monitors at their native resolution and have the same cables suggest you try the following.

Remove the card
Restart the machine and then close down cleanly
Reseat the card, connect all 4 monitors and power them up
Restart the PC and allow the active screens to be recognised

Are you using active or passive mDP > DVI adapters?
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From the spec reading I feel you need to set up display wall and present it to windows as one single monitor..
I think you got a bad card or adapter cable!
But; what is the make and model of the card (1.e. NVidia, PNY, Dell, Lenovo, Jaton)?
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My 2-port nvidie ION can work eiher as merged desktop (Xinerama) or as 2 displays (xrandr)
I would speculate one has to try both (or take direct contact with nvidia or whomever soldered the ard)
Sounds as if your not connecting them right.
refs to>All four monitors are identical and are plugged into the four mDVI of the card via (Nvidia supplied) mDP to DVI adapter.

Did you have a look at the manual?
I cant get my hands on this particular manual.
It states it can support up to 16 monitors
Are you using the display ports? adapter
Take a look in the Nview display manager
Please read this
http://www.pny.com/nvidia_nvs_510_for_quad_dp_low_profile <<Advanced Display Features
Support for any combination of four connected displays
DisplayPort outputs natively drive up to four digital displays at resolutions up to 3,840 × 2,160 at 60Hz
Connect to various monitor types using multiple mini-DisplayPort based cable adapters or widely available standard DisplayPort cable adapters (when used with the included latched mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cables)
DisplayPort to DVI-D SL to drive DVI displays up to 1,920 × 1,200 at 60Hz
DisplayPort to DVI-D DL to drive DVI displays up to 2,560 × 1,600 at 60Hz
DisplayPort to HDMI cables to drive HD displays up to 1,920 × 1,080 at 60Hz
DisplayPort to VGA cables to drive analog displays up to 1,920 × 1,200 at 60Hz
DisplayPort 1,2, HDMI 1.4a, and HDCP support
DisplayPort 1.2 Multi-Stream Technology simplifies cable management and support up to 4 displays at 1,920 × 1,200 at 60Hz
Drive up to 16 displays (4 groups of cloned images via each DisplayPort connector) using supported DisplayPort 1.2 Stream Cloning technology
Support for integrated audio via DisplayPort and HDMI
Support for multiple display modes including DualView, Span, and Clone modes

I did manage to find a youtube video but it's in Japanese he has connected them via the display port and has to enable the EDID from what I can see.
EDID=Extended display identification data

There is a driver that gives support for the EDID and Mosiac,
this one is a bit outdated possibly but go to Nvidia I simply use the automated check the drivers for me
Good Luck and hope it helps a little


THAT did the trick !

I initially connected only two screens and for some reason the card would not recognize the extra two monitors I connected latter on.

Unplugging the card, rebooting, replugging and booting again did the trick ! Thanks !
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Thanks for the update.

It's because the manufacturer's have cut a few corners in design to keep the cost down, the mini Display Ports 1&3 and 2&4 are technically shared so if monitors aren't detected the card steps down to just a pair of ports being active.

Active adapter cables should do the same trick as having the screens powered up at boot.