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How can I find out what's required to run this program ?

I have a program that I think it's a custom made program that people use it on driver schools so they keep databases of drivers / lessons / print required documents needed to take a drivers license.

When I try to run the EXE file I get an error " Runtime error 429 Active X cannot create object"

How to know what prerequisites is required for the program to get rid of this error?

I think the program is made in 2007

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It usually checks the registry or it will look for the DLL file. Both cases are hard to find out, probably plowing through thousands of lines in a ProcessMonitor (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb896645.aspx) will reveal some information, but in some cases, it's still not enough to decypher which component you're missing.
The best bet is to use the same processmonitor on a WORKING PC, which will reveal the registry keys and files needed.
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you may check the event viewer (eventvwr.exe) whether it has logged more information.

if there is nothing you might try to start the program from command line in a command window (dos box).

sometimes programs will log their errors at the console what you can't see if starting a program via desktop icon or from explorer. the command window also allows you to look for some log or error file if you navigated too the folder where the application executable file is located.

another thing you could try is to find a setup program or a .msi file of the program. with both you should be able to find out which components were installed with the program. note, common active-x components that might be missed are data grid components or date picker.

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Thanks a lot, it works on XP