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Difference between struct tm and time_t

Please, explain the real difference between struct tm and time_t.
Need more deep understanding.
Also, it's good to provide functions which works with each of this data type.
Nusrat NuriyevAsked:
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time_t mktime(struct tm *tm);

struct tm *localtime(const time_t *timep);
struct tm *gmtime(const time_t *timep);

localtime and gmtime return a pointer to static data  and  hence  are  not  thread-safe.   Thread-safe  versions gmtime_r() and localtime_r() are specified by SUSv2, and available since libc 5.2.5.
time_t  = should be used internally

struct tm =  externally
Nusrat NuriyevAuthor Commented:
could you provide a bit more concrete answer?
The concrete question is: what does mean internally or externally? Internally or externally to what?
time for internal storage TM for an external display
Nusrat NuriyevAuthor Commented:
okay, how to convert them to each other? Is there any pitfals related with conversion, like, when you convert strings in windows?
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