Debuggin inside a thread in Intellij Idea

I have the following piece of code :

 private void fireSendMessageRequested(final String messageText)
        final ActiveChatsService activeChatsService = _activeChatsService;
        final ActiveChat activeChat = _activeChat;
        BackgroundTaskService.scheduleTask(new Callable<Void>()
            public Void call() throws Exception
                activeChatsService.sendMessage(activeChat, messageText.trim());
                return null;

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I had put debug points on all the lines in Intellij IDEA.
The debugger stops at first line on its execution. Then i press step next. It jumps to next line. But when the debug point reaches the line : BackgroundTaskService.scheduleTask(new Callable<Void>()
Stepping next or pressing force into the debugger never goes inside the call() function.

What could be the reason for this. Is there any way out.

The Debugger works perfect but when there is such a Callable it never goes inside and hangs although there is a breakpoint there. Even pressing multiple times the debugger does not seems to go inside and runs as if there is no debug point.

Rohit BajajAsked:
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You can't use "step next" to go inside that Callable because it won't be executed right away.  It'll be executed at some later time when the other thread (inside BackgroundTaskService) wakes up and runs the code.

You should however be able to explicitly set a breakpoint inside the call() method and let the program continue running and it'll break inside there when the call() is executed.

If it's not breaking, then I would suspect that the Callable() is never getting executed.


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