How do I prevent single Office 365 Business Essentials user from billing admin role

Hi, I set up a one man company with a single email address with an Office 365 Business Essentials account as an inexpensive way (£3.10 per month) of getting a large business class exchange hosted email account, which is all he wants. As the sole license holder (we only bought a single licence) he is now a global admin for his account but I want to retain the admin-type roles for myself (esp billing admin role - since it is my company that paid for it !). He pays me. How can I take admin roles and separate them from his email role with only one licence?  Does this make any sense?
Alan BatemanDirectorAsked:
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Somehow it doesn't make any sense. One user, automatically means he's the admin. There's no other way around it, as MS won't reprogram their whole Office 365 platform for this issue.

If you really want to split it up, pay for 2 licenses!

If you already had a domain for yourself which you already paid, you could have added the customers email to your domain, though mixing it with yours means you can't have the same user.
You already had with xx users.
Your customer is You add only one license to yours. You add domainb to domaina
He has to have a unique (since this is also now, you can't have this same user in your domain). This causes problems later of course if you didn't communicate this structure beforehand.
Say you will use, and now he wants, you will have a big conflict, but it's the only way to save that 3 bucks a month (and also only works if you have the same EXACTLY the same subscription, i.e. Business Essentials)
Alan BatemanDirectorAuthor Commented:
Ok I guess your right.  Where I was coming from was this - I have a Fasthosts reseller account with around 200 domain names under management and various different hosting packages. Normally I would have set up an Exchange hosting email account on his domain and given him the address and password - End of! (Then I am still administering the account and he is using it). But Fasthosts want over £9 pm for a 50GB hosted exchange email account and MS was cheaper and threw in OneDrive for good measure.  But I didn't think about the admin issue. I guess he'll just have to be his own admin. But all the add users etc stuff will just confuse him.  Anyway since I guess you've answered my question you can have the points. Enjoy.
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