plumbing issues

Hello, I wanted to know if there's a site that I can go to in order to verify plumbing costs.  I'm having plumbing and possibly some roofing done and I wanted to verify pricing.   Lastly, these estimates are from both reputable and licensed companies and UNLICENSED people.

On the plumbing side, I need to install a cleanout, replace a shower valve on both restrooms/showers and possibly replace my clay sewer pipe coming from my house out to the main street.  

On the roofing side, I have a "rock roof" which I'm being told is a tar and gravel roof and hate the look of it.  The main issue is that in the summer, my house feels like an oven and I was told that I need to get some polyiso insulation on the roof; however, since I'm not a roofer, I don't see how they will be able to do this since my roof is pretty thin, at least from my perspective.  I went to a roofing materials supply store and they did sell some more rocks that I can install myself on the roof, but again, I hate the look of the small rocks on the roof.
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The internet will not help you with local pricing of these major improvements. Ask for estimates from contractors in you local phone book. Try several. Some may be busyier than others so will bid higher. Ask for references. Check with your friends. Web references can be useful. The most widely known one is
Do as an employer might do. Accept 5 applications and hire 1.
For your job get 5 estimates and choose 1. Many such repair persons will give you a free and no obligation estimate. The yellow pages is a good place to look and on the display ads look for "free estimates." If you do not see free estimate for a company ask them when you call. You should not have to pay for an estimate.

Craigslist is a good source for licensed and unlicensed under the services section middle bottom for your city or the nearest city.

Don't imply you are in a hurry to get it done.

Here is a cost calculator. you'll have to change the entries to flat, gravel, etc.
This will give you an estimate so you have an idea in your mind before you have service persons come out. It's when you have no idea what something will cost that it is easy to believe everything you hear.

Here are reasons why stone is used:
a. stabilization
b. protection
c. ballast

The polyiso comes in two types: flat and tapered. Tapered panels are sloped and used to help water flow to a drain or to keep water from standing in the corners or standing on roofs that are flat.

Does your roof have drains or gutters already?

Here is a map of the country showing an estimate on how much of the insulation you may need.
Down at the bottom:

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