Distribution groups in Outlook 2013

Hello,  I have a standard email account attached to a license, This email address say gary@mycompany.com is visible in Outlook 2013.

I created a Distribution Group which included myself and say on other user and we receive the emails as expected,
The Distribution Group email is admin@mycompany.com

I would like to know if its possible to see the admin@mycompany.com within my Outlook 2013 the same as my normal gary@mycompany.com email account.

Thank you.
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you can make the account email account (not DG) and set it to forward all emails to the group members or groups  you need, and you may want to disable sending emails from that account
NomadMellockAuthor Commented:
Not using Distribution groups was they key, I used a shared group and this is working correctly.
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