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Windows Server network adapter DNS server settings

Hi all,

We are running a simple network with a few workstations.

Instead of letting the router assign an IP address to our server, I want to assign it a static IP address of

If I go into the network adapter settings, i can assign the IP address - no problem. But I'm a little fuzzy as to what to put in for "Use the following DNS server addresses". What's the best practice policy for this?

Thanks in advance.
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CorinTackNetwork Engineer

Presuming your server is acting as the DNS server for your network, you would put, which is the address for 'this machine'. 99% of the time, this will be enough to get the server access to your network and the Internet.

In the event that you fall into that 1% where you suddenly find the server without Internet access (which is based on the setup of your router/firewall, usually), you can add a secondary DNS server of any public DNS. The easiest ones for me to remember are the Google ones at and


Thank you for the response.

We have a very simple network. I don't think our server is acting as the DNS server (unless the initial install defaults to it). I think the Verizon router is acting as the DHCP and DNS server (I think).
Network Engineer
You would, in that case, put the router's IP as the DNS, and could add a public DNS server as well if you wanted.

The easiest way to tell would be to look at a PC's configuration (using ipconfig /all) and see what its DNS servers are listed as. If they have the server's IP listed, then it is acting as DNS; if they have the router's IP listed, then it is actually your DNS.


Thanks much!