Run HCW or Update-HybridConfiguration to replace certificate in exchange 2010/O365 hybrid environmnet?

Hi Guys

Our Exchange OnPremise certificate is about to expire, we are going to replace it with a different Cert from different CA.

These are the steps we are going to follow:
•Create the Certificate Request File running the New Exchange Certificate in Exchange Management Console
•Complete Pending Request with the new certificate
•Assign Services to Certificate
•Make sure the certificate use by Exchange is the new one with this cmdlet Get-ExchangeCertificate

then I believe we have to update the hybrid configuration. My question is: Shall I run the HCW or run Update-HybridConfiguration?


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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Update-HybridConfiguration only updates the credentials, if you want to do it via PowerShell you need to use Set-HybridConfiguration. Better do it via the HCW.

just wondering when you updated your certificate and ran the HCW did you see the certificate in the drop down for mail flow security. We have renewed our certificate but cannot see the certificate in the drop down in the HCW. I have checked the certificate and the services are assigned, it is binded to IIS and I have rebooted the server with no joy. I can still see the existing certificates that are about to expire but not the new one in the drop down.

Did you have the same issue as we are also running exchange 2010.
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