PE6800 consistant same slot hard drive failure

I have a customer with a Dell PowerEdge 6800 whose experiencing back-to-back-to-back hard drive faults (either failure or predictive failure) in one particular SCSI slot - Slot3. RAID5 configuration.  
After the initial failure the drive was replaced - rebuild failed.
2nd drive replacement - predictive failure.  I then had the admin take the drive offline.
3rd drive replacement - rebuild failed.
All drives are refurbs and 1:0 - 1:3 are the same DP/N Y4707 - Seagate (ST3146854LC) drives.
The customer requests that we try DP/N FC958 - Fujitsu (MAX3147NC) drives, the same drives as in 1:4 - 1:11.
I'm thinking backplane or storage controller as the culprit.
Any thoughts?
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PhillyGeeAuthor Commented:
Batch of bad drives.  Finally got one to work.
Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
can you put a replacement drive in another slot or are they all being used?
PhillyGeeAuthor Commented:
They  being used.
A colleague suggested the customer has a batch of bad spare drives that were used for replacement.
I attached an Excel file of the ESM and System event logs that he looked at to determine this.
I've had Dell hot swap backplanes go bad several times in the past,so you're on the right track.
PhillyGeeAuthor Commented:
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