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Exchange 2013 and Resouce Calendars

csimmons1324 asked
We have a company of roughly 50 employees.  On our old Exchange 2003 Server (configured before I started with the company), we used a public calendar that everyone had R/W access to.  This public calendar was used to schedule meetings and to list who was out sick and out of the office (using an all day event so that it was listed at the top of the calendar day).  It was basically a “one-stop shop” to see everything going on in the company.  

This type of visibility was, and still is, extremely important to a number of employees.  Especially our receptionist so that she knows if people are aware from their desk and can route calls appropriately.  

I have since moved our entire operation into a new domain with all new software.  We are now running Exchange 2013 and I am trying to setup calendars appropriately.  From my readings, it seems that public folders / calendars are slowly getting killed off by the hands of MS.  Also during my readings, I stumbled across how to create resource mailboxes for meeting rooms and so forth.  

IMO, there were a lot of shortcomings when using the public calendar, such as it not syncing with your personal calendar.  Therefore, I am looking to move to using personal, shared and resource calendars for everything.  However, I need a bit of help / advice.

I have setup a resource mailbox for the conference room in our office.  User A can create a meeting in their personal calendar and invite the attendees.  They can also click the “Rooms…” button and select the available conference room that I setup as a resource.  

The meeting gets accepted by the Conf. Room resource and the meeting shows up in User A’s personal calendar as it should.  If I view the Conf. Room calendar, it simply shows the time slot of the scheduled meeting as “Busy.”  I get no details of the meeting, such as the subject or people attending.

I was able to discover how to change the properties for the calendar and set the default to “Reviewer” so that everyone can see the details of the meeting.  Unfortunately, if I view the meeting in the resource calendar, the subject just shows the person’s name that created the meeting.  None of the attendees are listed either.  

Is it possible to have the resource calendar show the actual subject of the meeting and the attendees?
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Ops Team Office 365/Messaging
Set-CalendarProcessing -Identity "Conf. Room " -DeleteSubject $false
Attendees can be seen only if you open the invitation.
All the setup of the resource is done with Set-CalendarProcessing