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Hp Laserjet 4300 picking up too many pages when printing

Printer picks up 5 to 6 additional pages when printing just one page. Does not do it all the time though. Recently replaced Fuser and replaced the paper pickup rollers.
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David Kroll
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Are you in a place with high humidity?  You may have to store your paper in a cool, dry environment to keep this from happening.
In addition to Davids comment, are you using the required paper weight for that printer.  Cheaper lighter paper will cause this also.
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Nope very dry here good idea though we are in California
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I will check on the paper weight also Thanks!
accordiing to the User Guide, the weight should be:
60 to 200 g/m

16 pounds seems skimpy but maybe they are related to MS.
I would use at least 20lb myself.
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