Use Process monitor to monitor another server's processes?

In a nutshell, i would like to use sysinternal process monitor to actually monitor a process that maybe terminating and acting abnormally from my client machine.  Reason being, the last time we ran process monitor on this machine, it tended to hog all the resources and even required us to restart the server to clear up some issues that we had while process monitor was being run on the server.

I'd like to have another go at it, installing process monitor and running on my machine, but can I use process monitor to remotely connect to the server in question in order monitor the processes mentioned?
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
sparky321Author Commented:
@newvillageIT Not quite what I want to accomplish.  Seems like the resource talks of dumping to a log file on the remote station e.t.c.  What i'd like is to monitor the process of the remote station in real time, but placing the 'load' on my machine from running process monitor.
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
As far as the load, I think it depends partly on the process and the monitoring options you've chosen. How frequently it records is one factor.
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sparky321Author Commented:
Yes, the process monitor will be filtered down considerably which is a good point.  How to connect this up to the remote station and monitor real time from my machine is what i'm trying to accomplish.
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
The load is caused by not having set up a good filter at startup, and keep all events, even if filtered.
Watching remotely wouldn't help with that, the main issue is with collecting info. And you can't do that anyway.

Start ProcMon with /NoConnect /Quiet. This prevents the filter dialog popup and ProcMon starting to collect immediately.
Tick Filter » Drop Filtered Events.
Make sure to deselect any of the right 5 icons but the Show Process And Thread Activity, which is the last but one.
Set the filter to that specific process to monitor ("Process Name", "is", ...).
For easier startup you might want to export the configruation for later use (use with /LoadConfig ...
Now you can start monitoring.
sparky321Author Commented:
Ok @Qlemo this will definitely help.  I'll go with your suggestions.  Can you confirm that you are saying that process monitor cannot monitor a remote server in real time?  If not, will just run locally on that station again and minimize on the data / info. collecting.
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Yes, there is no remote monitoring option.

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The usual cause of a performance hit is if the log is backed with virtual memory.  Quite quickly the page file gets thrashed causing queuing on the C: drive.  Dropping filtered events certainly helps but we overcome the issue by outputting the log data to a separate drive.  A USB attached drive works a treat if you can attach one to your server.
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