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I created an MS PowerPoint 2013 presentation on my laptop, with images set to 85% transparency in the background. Then I copied the file to a thumb drive, and then loaded it onto my desktop for screen recording (because the desktop handles heat better). However, when I open the PPT presentation on my desktop, the background images are all missing.

I don't remember where all of the images are on the laptop, and it would take time to find them. Is there some easy way to copy the background slides with the PPT presentation from my laptop, so that everything will all be there when I open up the file on my desktop?

Thank you.
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What do you see instead of the images?

Also, a recent update restored the ability to have transparent background images (which had been missing for awhile). Make sure your desktop has the latest updates -- I suspect that might take care of it. Not sure which update, sorry, but I believe it was one in late January/early February.
normanwillisAuthor Commented:
Oh, I just saw the problem. I walked up to the desktop from an angle, and saw that the background image is all washed out.
I guess what I have is a brightness and contrast issue?
Is that something I would best adjust within Windows, or within the monitors (dual monitors)?
normanwillisAuthor Commented:
Silly me! I backed the contrast off, and it looks a lot better.
Right-click the desktop, choose personalize. Then click Display down at the bottom of that window, and then choose Calibrate Color.

Also, your monitor might have a menu button on it. Click that and access the color, brightness and contrast adjustments there.

Finally, your video card also might have color adjustment capabilities. For example, if I go to my Nvidia Control Panel, I can adjust the color, brightness and contrast there.
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