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Making a module available to new work book.

Frank Freese
Frank Freese asked
I created a macro and stored it in VBA Project(Personal.XLSB) under module (see below - it is not available) so for all new workbooks going forward could have this. The reason for this is only 2013 has the FormulaText() function.  In other words, a personal macro that I  can have available, if needed, in a new workbook.
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SimonPrincipal Analyst

I think you'd need to save the macro in a workbook template named book.xltm in the XLSTART directory so that new workbooks are based on that template and include your function.

To check the startup folder paste this into a module and run it:
Sub showStartupFolder()
MsgBox Application.StartupPath
End Sub

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If this is linked to the other topic: Display a cell formula

If you create a Module and paste the below:
Option Explicit
Function GetFormula(x As Range) As String
GetFormula = x.Formula
End Function

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If you create this module, that formula will be available all the time whenever you save it under another workbook.

Do you know how to create a function?

Press Alt+F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor, and then click Insert and select Module. see below picture. Then paste the above code.
Insert function
Then your formula will always work.

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thank you kindly


Yes, I'm familiar with creating a function. Thanks for asking
I glad i was able to help.  :-)


Follow-up. What if I wanted the function to always be as part of a new workbook w/o recreating it? Does one have to change the template? Or is there another way to make it always available?