Need Company for Security Review - Client concerned he might have hacked Macs & Phone

The client uses Macintosh and iPhone, but is concerned that he might have spyware on his Macs, a jailbroken iphone (without his knowledge) and maybe a wifi listening device hidden in his office. He would like forensic copies of his computer and phone made.

Does anyone know of a firm in the New York City area that is certified for this type of work?

I can install and program a security device/router, but more is needed.

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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
It is going to be huge effort for the case shared as it is about unknown but first is to isolate and at best not use the asset already since the threat is deemed (at worst case already siphoned your info). Check out any account breach, online account login password and all related accounts should be changed immediately to err on the safe side and do check financial account anomalies too.. Meanwhile, best to still seek advice and report to authority (and do request this is sensitive and not shared beyond that) online or via telephone or mail, see

Otherwise, if customer has worries, you can check this out for "free clinic", see
If the concern is of a criminal nature, contacting the authorities who would deal with cyber crime might be appropriate.

Forensic analysis of these systems could get expensive.
Having an advanced firewall were outgoing traffic can be controlled and blocked while being logged.....

Imaging the drive to preserve dat/content.  Using rootkit detection...
Sean JacksonInformation Security AnalystCommented:
I would contact Black Hills Security. They're not based in New York, I think Massachusetts, but it doesn't matter. They're security professionals A1.
computerlarryAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all for the advice and leads.
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