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I have an outlook template message (.oft) placed on a network drive. I would like to be able to add a button to the Outlook 2000 toolbar, so I just have to press the button and the outlook template will appear. Is this possible?

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Clark KentSoftware Engineer cum BloggerCommented:
In order to add the template to the toolbar, follow  the steps as suggested:
1.      Create and save a template you want to add into a new toolbar.
2.      Move to the tools  tab in Outlook. Further click on customize option.
3.      In the customize dialog box, click on the “New” option to create a new toolbar.
4.      Fill in the appropriate name.
5.      In order to create drop down list in the template, move the “Commands” in the Customize dialog box.
6.      Click on New Menu option.
outlook-t012040330shu01f.gif7.      To rename it, click on the “Modify Selection” option. Provide the appropriate name.
8.      Then move to file option in the customize dialog box under command bar.
9.      Further click on “Mail message”.
10.      An option of re-arrange commands or modify selection will appear. Click on it.
11.      Select and add the template.oft file.
12.      At the end of drop down list will appear a “Assign Hyperlink” option.Click it, and proceed as follows.
outlook-t012040330shu01i.gif13.      Specify the location of the template you want to add.
14.      Repeatedly follow the same steps to create a drop down list for template toolbar.

Clark Kent
dabug80Author Commented:
Great. Thanks
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