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Hello experts,
I am tasked with converting pdf forms to a asp.net application and am looking for best solutions. There are about 50 different forms (vacation, requisition etc). I would like to have the data presented to the user before they are submitted so that corrections can be made. I've done this with passing the data in session variables back and forth but that becomes a hassle sometimes, would panels work better? Any other, more friendly options?

Thank you!
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you could store as much as you can in html 5 storage. The only problem with it though is html 5 support. Not all browsers support it. If it is an intranet site or if you do not need to support old versions of browsers, then local storage is a good option.

I assume that you do not need to switch devices i.e. carry sessions over different devices.

When you are storing session in sql server, you need to make sure that you do not store too much data into session as this would bloat your sql server log and backups will grow exponentially.
one way is to use Html 5 Local storage. You could use Modernzr to check if local storage is supported by the browser. If the browser does not support then you will have to depend on other java script libraries or use a home grown java script cache.

Also, you might have to store the data on the server at some point so you could retain in between the user sessions.

Do you use sql server or state server to store your session?

Check this link on local storage
maredzkiAuthor Commented:
Good point.

We can use sql if we want to, without learning html5 storage would that be a better way of handling it? What I'm concerned is that one form can have 10 text boxes that I will have to retain data for and another May have 50 plus some checkbox values.

Let me know as we are currently are planning.

maredzkiAuthor Commented:
Thank your for the information, much appreciated.

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