Internet Explorer 11 server 2012r2

Hi Internet explorer doesn't work on my proxy server settings on Server 2012 R2 ,on the rest of my servers its working ,Default gateway and dns settings are correct.  Only coming up with page cannot be displayed
Dirkie LaubscherNetwork adminAsked:
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If you bypass the proxy server and it's able to get through to the Internet then nothing is wrong with IE. The issue is with the proxy server accepting  traffic from this server.
Could be a number of reasons.
1. Logged on user has Internet rights?
2. IP configuration of server
3. ping tests - can you ping other servers? external site?
4. DNS is able to resolve website names?
Dirkie LaubscherNetwork adminAuthor Commented:
The user has internet access which is the administrator ,primary dns settings are correct and can ping proxy server with all dns servers. when I bypass the proxy over firewall im able to get onto the internet ,but the server needs to connect to the proxy.

Many Thanks
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