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Hi there,
I know we can use Jabber on smartphones ... but can we use smartphones in a way that they can register with call manager and use Call Manager's dialplan for outgoing calls .... I remember speaking to a colleague once and said if it was possible but never thought about it much until it came as a requirement at my work place now ...

So Just after a high level info of how it can be done and I can research the rest ... Can we Add smartphones as IP phones in call manager?  Do I need to install a new dial plan ? etc ..

I'm using Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.6.2

Will appreciate your response ...
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yes.   With iPhones and Androids the jabber app allows them to connect to CUCM and act as if they were an ip communicator.  keep in mind that this uses DATA and the user may have to VPN in if they are not inside your network via Wi-Fi.
Bill1982Author Commented:
wonderful ... thanks guys for the response ...

Just 1 confirmation ... I don't need an I.M & Presence server if they just want to use it for Voice calls ? Just stand-alone Call manager 8.6.2 and Jabber app on the would do, right? Instant messaging is out-of-scope for this purpose ...

On another note, I've rejoined Experts-Exchange after 6 years ... and Absolutely loving it .... accurate and to-the point answers as ever ... saving time at work ...
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Bill1982Author Commented:
Thanks all for providing information.
José MéndezCommented:
Glad it helped.
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