Transfer all files as fast as you can

What's the fastest way to transfer files between computers without missing any?  In the past, I've used

robocopy [local computer] [backup computer] /move /e /r:0 /w:0

And I usually do it from the c:\users folder.  That way, I get everything that's there.  But wanted to know if there's a better way.
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Since the robocopy version found in Windows 7 / Server 2008 R2, robocopy supports the /MT:x switch for multithreaded copies, which can speed things up especially over the network. x can be between 1 and 128; if you just use /MT, the default is 8.
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
That should work. I'd do a copy instead of move. Just in case of errors.
Robocopy, Microsoft Rich Copy, FastCopy (among many others, but these are the three I've used most) are all pretty standard tools. I've listed them in order of putative increasing speed, but the differences in my experience have been pretty marginal.

The copy you're doing includes some virtual folders and possibly link/reparse points, so you need to be careful to set the options on the copy program to handle these.
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epichero22Author Commented:
Well, let me say that I typically use robocopy to move from one hard drive to another.  In this case, one hard drive need a reformat.  So, moving the full contents of the users folder is a must.  And I insist on moving to avoid duplicates and such which would result in more work if a cleanup is necessary.  Not sure if this is a best practice or not.
Move rather than copy is okay up until the point where a failure occurs. With a copy, you can always just try again and you can verify the result. With a move, you have to figure out if something was dropped.
epichero22Author Commented:
How do you verify?  Is there an option for that?
Robocopy has a verify option that just does a read-verify on the destination, not a comparision with the source -- at least, that's what I read.

Rich Copy will do a comparison verify after copy completes, if you ask it to.

FastCopy will compute a checksum on source and destination as a verification, if you ask it to.

So none of them do just a verify step. There are other tools that can.

I've not used it, but Teracopy can apparently do a verify-only run and report differences.

There's Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier.

And, similar, ExactFile.

Both of these fall a little bit short of byte-for-byte file comparision, for which I haven't found a ready-made tool, but that operation would be considered too slow for the small added increment in integrity (after all, the chances of two files hashing to the same value approaches the level where they are smaller than the chance of an uncaught disk read error).

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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
It looks like you want to copy/move the user profiles. Is this so? How abou:
- Attach the drive to another computer.
- Make a new profile for each user.
- Copy each profile via the Copy To to button.
- Allow the new users to use the profile via Copy ToPermitted to use
- Logon the new users.

A quicker way is to use a 3rd party tool such as Transwiz. I've used it to copy profiles when users get a new computers.
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