Send on behalf of in Exchange 2010

Although I have grant the user "Send as permission" and "Full Access permission" for a mailbox, the user can't send out a email on behalf of the user in Outlook, Any idea ? Do I need to wait for few hours before it take effective. Is there a way to speed it up ?

"You do not have the permission to send the message on behalf of the specified user"

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HariomExchange ExpertsCommented:
Make sure users dont have Both SendAs and Send-On-Behalf as this can cause confusion. Also the From filed always has to be populated with the User itself if the From field is empty how will exchange understand who is the email FROM and hence deny.

Mailbox cache limit is set as 120 minutes by default. This means Information Store on Exchange Server renews AD Object information every 2 hours. If you want to force it, you could restart Information Store service. But this could impact all user connections.

If you making frequent changes and you want to reduce the cache limit, then you could change the registry key 'Mailbox Cache Age Limit' on Exchange Server on the following path.

David Paris VicenteSystems and Comunications  Administrator Commented:

That issue happens in Outlook and OWA?
If the user can send from the OWA the problem could be related with Outlook.

Try to update the offline Address book, click in send/receive tab, click Send and receive groups and select download Address book.

Or you can try the following:
1.Close Outlook
2.Delete the offline address book folder under “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\Offline Address Books” (This is in WIN 7)
3.Open Outlook and let it download new OAB.

But the authorization can take a few hours to be updated, of course you can restart the Information Store to speed up things, but this last action is entirely up to you, normally you need a good reason to restart the Information store.

Hope it helps.

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AXISHKAuthor Commented:
Hi viralr Rathod

Getting confusion.

#1If I set "Manage Full permission" in Exchange and change the sender to another mailbox user, do I send out a email with the changed user email address only

#2 If  I set up the "Send on behalf' inside Delivery Options and change the sender to another mailbox user, do I send out an email with the changed user email address with "Send on behalf" wordings ?

I want #1 only, ie totally hide the original sender email address, Tks
HariomExchange ExpertsCommented:
Yes for both.

You can set any 1 which is required , remove "Send On behalf" as of now if you wish to go with #1.

If you want to force the changes you made after assigning full permission then type the following command.

Clean-mailboxdatabase -identity "MailboxDatabase"
For implementing #1 you should grant "Send As" Exchange permission to the user.
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