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HI ,

I have a 200 records ,(200 row and 20 column ).Vertical scroll bar comming correctly but horizontal scroll bar bottom of the record so when i want to see 20 column  of 1st records . i want to go to the last and scroll the horizontal  bar then again i come back to 1st reocrds,

how can i fix the scroll bar size ? Vertical scroll bar size i fix as 5 then it will so in page itself ? how can i do that ?
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Sathish David  Kumar NArchitectAsked:
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I am not sure I understand what you are trying to do.  If you want to re-position the scrollbar, you might find a jquery plugin that screws up the browser code enough to do that, but the scroll bars are pretty resistant to most modification, because they are derived from the primitive code underlying the basic definition of the browser chrome.

In firefox if you go to about:config and search for scrollbars, you will see there is very little that can be done to configure them.  If you decide to play with that be very careful, because modifying config to an invalid state can break the browser.

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