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Surface Pro 3 - multi monitor DPI scaling

Eric Harris
Eric Harris asked

I recently got a new Surface Pro 3 and i use it at work to dock with a monitor. The surface has a 2160x1440 screen which is connected to a 1920x1080 monitor and there is mager issues with dpi scaling. I can either have a low dpi which makes the external monitor useable but makes the surface unuasable. Which isnt to big of a proble because i dont use it when using an external monitor.  But if i take the surface away from the monitor on a job i have to chanage the dpi which envolves loging off and logging back on. I can live with that however management has had one and hes not happy with it. Is there anyway to make it so you can have difrent dpi settings for each monitor or change the dpi with out logging off and logging back on?

Thanks in advance
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Unfortunately DPI is across all monitors and you must log off and on for it to take affect.  No way around it.
What if you make the Surface pro 3 resolution 1920 X 1080?  That way both screens are the same resolution and DPI.  I too have a surface pro 3 and at the 2160 X 1440 resolution text is pretty small and hard to read for us older fogies. :-0
Eric HarrisDeveloper


THanks for that.
I'll give that a whirl as soon as the person who has the device is back in the office.
I'll let you know