Word: why am I unable to fill those edit boxes?

Please look at the attached file.
Until yesterday I clicked over the edit boxes and filled them with text.
Starting today, a click on those edit boxes doesn't do anything.
How can I edit those boxes?

(I'm using Word 2010)
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They are ActiveX Textbox controls and your document works OK for me.

Does a new document with such controls work for you? If not, you may have a problem with your Word installation and this fix from Microsoft might help.

Santosh GuptaCommented:
go to file --> options --> custom ribbons  and then select "Developer" tools. close dialog box.

go to "developer menu" and then click on "Design Mode". Now you should be able to edit in text box.
lucavillaAuthor Commented:
It works OK for me too on another PC with Word 2013.

Santosh I tried in Design Mode on my original PC and it doesn't work.

I just found a(n unpractical) workaround:  if I click on a box, type some text (this removes the box) and undo, then the cursor blinks inside the box and I can write text inside the box!
Seems more like a bug....

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In use, it shouldn't be necessary to enter Design mode, so something is not working properly. As an alternative to the fix from Microsoft, you could try using another profile on the problem PC.
lucavillaAuthor Commented:
unfortunately I'm on my work PC where I can't install fixes nor change profiles   :(
You will have to get administration either to give you permissions or to fix the problem with your assigned PC.
lucavillaAuthor Commented:
GrahamSkan there must be a solution without changing profile or installing a (generic?) fix...
if it's not a bug...
Word saves a lot of data in the Normal template and in the registry. These data help to make the Word operation more efficient for the particular user. In this way they could be compared with cookies. However they can become corrupt, which fact you could describe as a bug.

The Fix-it will automatically delete them so that Word has to recreate them from scratch. The page also shows the manual steps that the Fix-it has automated, so if you are allowed to edit the registry, to change the name of the Normal template, and to perform the couple of other steps mentioned, then you could try doing it this way.
Note that there is a small chance that the document itself has an anomaly which your PC can't handle, so it is worth seeing if a new document with ActiveX textboxes has the same problem or not.
lucavillaAuthor Commented:
Thanks GrahamSkan for the explanations.
I want to try to create a new document with ActiveX textboxes but I can't find how can I create Activex textboxes?
On the Developer tab, in the Controls group, click on the down arrow next to the lower-right symbol in the left half. This should display a sub-menu of 'Legacy Forms' and 'ActiveX controls'.

The Text Box control is the second from left in the top row in the ActiveX section. Click to insert a textbox at the current selection position.
Have you tried a different document?
lucavillaAuthor Commented:
My workaround is the best practicable "solution" I found so far...
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