Firewall ports need to be open for server file sharing

We have a bunch of users need the read/write access to a shared folder on a windows server. I need to apply firewall open from user's desktop to the server. 2 questions here please help.

1. Do I need to apply for all the ports below?
    udp 137/138
    tcp 139/445

2. if so, why file sharing needs udp 137/138? what exactly the windows file sharing service uses udp 137/138?

Thanks for the help.
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Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
It appears that you do - but it's not clear why this should be an issue.  It should already be set.

The UDP ports are for NB Datagram In and NB Name In.
The TCP ports are for NB Session In and SMB In.

My standard list would be:
LLMNR-UPD-In UDP port 5355
NB-Datagram-In UDP port 138
NB-Name-In UDP port 137
NB-Session-In TCP port 139
SMB-In TCP port 445
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