Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Host > Join Domain

I have a 2012 R2 Standard Hyper-V Host running a VM with Server 2012 R2 Standard and the Essentials Experience Role installed.

How do I add the Host to the Domain correctly?

I added another VM to the Domain using the Connect wizard with no issue.  The WSEE Dashboard lists the Device properties correctly

After adding the Host using the Connect wizard the required reboot obviously affects the Domain join due to the WSEE VM being saved during Server reboot.

The symptom is that the Host appears in the WSEE Dashboard under 'Devices' as a computer rather than a Server, and isn't reporting back - It's listed as offline, Backup Status unknown, Update & Security Status unavailable.

How do I go about resolving this?
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MdlinnettAuthor Commented:
I resolved this by leaving and re-joining the Domain, this time ensuring I gave the WSEE VM a chance to boot up before logging in to the Host.
Salah Eddine ELMRABETTechnical Lead Manager (Owner)Commented:

Right click on This PC and choose Properties, click change settings for Computer Name, Domain... then click change, select member of domain and fill the domain name.

You will be prompted for authentication, fill the Domain Controller Administrator account in the way Domain\Administrator and fill the password.

You will have an output of welcome to domain.

Restart you computer and the Server will be joined to domain.

Best regards.

MdlinnettAuthor Commented:
Resolved by myself
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