USB HDD RAW Failure Recovery

I have a 3 TB Seagate External HDD. It is NTFS. I have Windows. It crashed in the middle of my backing it up.

Now, it is recognized, even showing up sometimes with Total and Used space in the "My Computer" listing of drives as well as the acknowledgment of the NTFS file structure

However, It wont read from Explorer and generates an "I/O Output Error" in response

I have tried Chkdsk, but it says the drive is RAW and the Chkdsk is not available.

Any recommendations?

RexQuality LeaderAsked:
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Just use diskmanagement to delete the partitions on the disk (if any are seen), Then create a new partition and format it as NTFS. After that you should be able to use it for backing up again. If that doesn't work, use the manufacturer's diagnostic utility on the disk to see what it says and what it recommends you to do.
Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
You can try with any software like HDD regenerator.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
The question is - do you have data on this drive which is needed? If yes then scan the drive with GetDataBack tool from and recover your data. Then delete the RAW partition and create new one as recommended above.
If there is no data needed on this drive - simply delete partition and create new one via Windows Disk Management.
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i agree with noxcho - good advice
about HDDRegenerator : it also saved many drives for me; but i doubt it will help here -since it crashed during a backup
i fear the data is lost, and probably the disk is mechanically bad
as last resort, try removing the disk from the case, and hook it directly to a sata cable
how to open the case is shown here

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RexQuality LeaderAuthor Commented:
It has been scanning all night with GetDataBack (which i have used successfully in the past)

It is generating a lot of I/O errors

I think opening the case may be required.

It wasn't a Backup in the sense of a Backup command... i was copying and pasting it's contents to another external HDD.

I dont know if that matters.

noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
In any case this was data writing operation. Drives don't like this unexpected disconnection during data copy operations.
Yes, open the USB box and connect this drive internally to one of your SATA ports on a PC.
Then try to scan it with its vendor made HDD check tools (Seatools or WDDiag).
If they find no problem - scan it with GetDataBack.
RexQuality LeaderAuthor Commented:
I will. Thank you
>>  It is generating a lot of I/O errors  <<  this can indicate a problem with the interface
in that cas - i still fear for the data
do you need the data really? if you have another backup - use it
RexQuality LeaderAuthor Commented:
It scanned all weekend under both GetDataBack and Recuva. I got nothing. I am going to open the enclosure and try to scan with a direct, non-USB connection. I just need to figure out how to open the enclosure... no visible screws
i posted a link  on how to open it...
you don't read the posts i assume?
RexQuality LeaderAuthor Commented:
Yes. I do. But apprently not very well. I see that now. Thank you
post results - i'm interested, since i have one also !
RexQuality LeaderAuthor Commented:
Will do. I got it apart. Then i realized I "lost" my computer parts container. Need to buy a SATA cable today to connect it to the motherboard.
ah well -  that happens
you're lucky a cable does not cost much
it lists the version, and offers the option for updating :
RexQuality LeaderAuthor Commented:
Cool Thanks
RexQuality LeaderAuthor Commented:
The SATA Cable to the Motherboard/Controller and GetDataBack worked.

Thank you
RexQuality LeaderAuthor Commented:
Thank you
so  all is fine now?  enjoy then!
RexQuality LeaderAuthor Commented:
Still transferring.... man it is slow. 2.5 TB at speeds as low as 15 kb/s.... It wont be done for weeks.

Still working though! Thanks
with the disk connected to sata - that sure is slow; probably cause by  the errors, and retries
RexQuality LeaderAuthor Commented:
Yeah... i'm still getting I/O errors. Some directories are really fast. Some are very slow. Probably as you say.
if it continues - that's all that counts - it may stop any second also...
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