What is this odd material dripping from the end of a fiber optic cable?

I don’t  know if this is the proper forum to ask a hardware question.  Please see the attached picture.    I have no idea how this material got on this switch.  It is hard and there is still some moisture around the hard material.  My guess is that there is a cut in the cable and water is wicking its way down the cable and dissolving something and the hard material on the switch is the result.  Any ideas or opinions?
Jack SeamanAsked:
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I see a LOT of white stuff EVERYWHERE. I assume NONE of the white stuff was there before?
From a first look, it looks like pur foam, as applied by people in construction (usually from a pressure can, to fill holes in the wall, or provide some kind of insulation). But pur will get hard within a day. And it won't just drip from somewhere, a person really has to apply it.
No one was working there before this happened (either in a room adjacent to it, or above it?).
If it is indeed pur foam, it probably snuck in everywhere (as when you apply it, it was a bit like a soft foamy fluid) and is now stuck everywhere. Removal will be a painful job.
Better find out who was responsible for this and get justice (punitive damages). This is NOT leakage, this was APPLIED by a person!

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Salah Eddine ELMRABETTechnical Lead Manager (Owner)Commented:

Your ODF is installed in vertical way, the optical fiber are protected using some liquid to prevent water get inside, damage by mouses.....

I think you have a good cooling system that change the form of the product inside OF cable.

Next time install the ODF in horizontal way so the product don't get down.


Miguel Angel Perez MuñozCommented:
Looks like Polyurethane Foam, used to fill out fissures or holes on building.
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Most likely applied from another room/angle, and because the person couldn't see it leaking out on another side, kept applying as much as he could (while still continuing to leak on the other side).
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
It is expanding foam for sealing holes (usually used in construction for closing in holes from draft, animals, etc.).  Has anyone been sealing any holes above the floor from where your fiber comes in?  This is not normal and it could issues if you need to run additional cables through the same conduit as it is obstructed now.
Jack SeamanAuthor Commented:
The start point for this material is the end of the cable.    Look closely at the top of the picture.  The ceiling and walls are several feet from this start point.
If you are really sure (meaning NO foam above the "mouth" of the cable), it must've came out of the cable. Doesn't mean it wasn't applied by someone. So you have to trace the cable and see where there are opening where you can apply foam to it)
There is no material on this Earth that has this property (other than pur foam). The only way is to apply it once (when it's from the can, it's soft and foamy), after that, it gets hard and will never gets soft again.
It's NOT a reaction with water (or anything else) that causes it to go soft, and then get hard (otherwise you could reproduce this result).
Craig BeckCommented:
Is it continually spreading?  It's coming out of the panel as well as the cable by the look of it.  I'd get someone in to check it...
Looks like someone used outdoor fibre in the riser maybe.  That could be the wax-like sealant inside the cable leaking out due to the heat.

It does resemble spray foam though, although there should be no reason to use it there.

Did someone leave a partial can in there and it's leaking now?
Jack SeamanAuthor Commented:
It is coming from inside the cable.  It is not coming down the cable.
Salah Eddine ELMRABETTechnical Lead Manager (Owner)Commented:

You have to check the cables specifications, and try to find the nature of protection liquid inside the cable, then check if the liquid can change status upon temperature changes!

Also you can try if possible to change the install position horizontally instead of vertical way, this can stop coming down an stuck inside the ODF.

Best Regards.

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