windows updates failing


i am looking at a HP laptop - windows7 Home premium -64 bit that had failing updates - and so could not shut down
i repaired this by doing a system restore from the install DVD, and now i can download and install updates.

My Question is this : in the update history are lots of failed updates - do i need to install them?  if yes - how do i do that best?
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nobus --
"in the update history are lots of failed updates - do i need to install them?  "
1)  Probably not, or you would be offered these updates again by Windows Updates.  Look into the more recent entries of the Update History to see if the failed updates were subsequently successfully added.
2)  If you do not find them and if you want to be sure whether you need the failed Update, then you will have to research the KB's of the failed Updates to see if you feel that PC needs them.  Sometimes Updates are succeeded in time by more recent Updates.  That is why you do not get offered a particular failed Update again.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Hey Nobus, long time. Hope you are doing well.

OK, I had this same exact issue a few years ago with Windows 7, and thanks to Microsoft dropping the update support for Windows 7, they have failed to correct several (or more than several) issues that still are popping up here and there.

Go to the following location, and delete everything in this area
However, since you did a restore, there might not be anything here.
If there is, then deleting everything in this area, will make Windows look for new updates again.

To force Windows to check for updates:
open a command prompt (Start Menu | cmd (type into search) )
Type the following command: wuauclt /detectnow

This will force Windows to check for updates to the system.
It will take a few moments, so sit back and wait.

Here is another article on this issue as well.

Hope this helps.
Wayne Barron--
" thanks to Microsoft dropping the update support for Windows 7"

Yes, MS stopped Mainstream support for Win 7 SP1 in January.
But Windows 7 SP1 now moves into Extended support which means that Windows 7's features will no longer be updated or new improvements made, nor will any further service packs be developed and distributed, but this DOES NOT mean that the operating system will stop receiving free security updates.
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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Hi nobus, you probably need these updates, only MS and God know for what they are needed.
I periodically see these failed updates especially if I install Windows 7 without SP1. I think they are failing because they must be installed in a specific order. Something first and something second. There is no way imho to find put which comes first and which is second. So simply scan for updates and install them over and over. Till Windows Update says no update is found.
Or disable autoupdate and live with OS as is. Also not a bad way.
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
This I already know.
Microsoft was to worried about Win8 that they just crapped on Win7, and in my opinion, win8 is a drop, and win7 could have been something really nice, if they would have fixed the issues that the OS still has, and will remain to have.
As for the security updates, that is a given.
nobusAuthor Commented:
ok guys - first  tx to all responders; your thoughts are very welcome!
jcimarron says i probably don't need them - and check (cumbersome, but we'll see)
-->  but why were they trying to install in the first place then?  *
Wayne - good suggestions, i 'll try them + good link
noxcho says i don't need them also, and install order can be a reason, but this guy thinks he needs his updates, and let them always install - so how can the order be bad  **

questions with * i know, probably difficult to answer, but a try would be nice!
nobusAuthor Commented:
Wayne; i tried to delete ecerything from software distribution downloads -but 1 folder kept saying that it was open in another program - so unable to delete that
also the cmd wuauclt /detectnow  is not recognised as internal command

suggestions?  i tried an elevated cmd prompt
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
nobus, when I say you don't need them, I mean IMHO. Because the system runs stable without them as well.
Try to install them 2-3 update per time. For me it works always. Go to Updates - search for updates when it says - 100 found - go to updates view and leave checked only 3. Then press install. See if they install.
nobusAuthor Commented:
noxcho - it does not find updates - they are showing as failed; maybe also as installed?  not sure
here an example :
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Try the following. On Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Update\Change settings deactivate MS Updates (uncheck all checkboxes) and then restart the machine.
Go to the same Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Windows Update\Change settings and enable MS Updates. Scan for available Updates. Do they show up?
nobusAuthor Commented:
the command problem was fixed
unfortunately nothing happened
i updated manually - all went well so i'll close this
Wayne BarronAuthor, Web DeveloperCommented:
Glad you got it working Nobus.
Sometimes it is best to do it manually.
I just wish that Microsoft was not in such a huge hurry to rush out Win8.
If they would have just spent a little more time on fixing some of the issues in Win7, then we would not be having to put up with these issues.
I have been assisting people with win7 problems, until I am blue in the face, and the only thing that I want to do is ring someone's neck over at Microsoft.

Have a good one.
nobusAuthor Commented:
i still wonder why they made everything so complex
they  could easily split updates in MUST for all, for most and business or such

personally - i always turn off updates for home users
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