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Facebook API user issue

vituxa asked
Hi Experts,

My requirement is to get user's profile link that can be seen without logging-in into facebook...

I have user's Facebook Id saved in Database and also the link to his/her profile i.e like https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/123456789
But when someone opens this url and that viewer is not logged-in to facebook then viewer is redirected to login page..

Is there a way I can find a users's real page url (like "https://www.facebook.com/name1.name287") based on this id : 123456789 ?

Thank you. I really need this.
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This feature does not work on everyone, it depends, they may change the privacy settings to "Only Friends" or "None". Otherwise you can use the graph.facebook.com api which returnes both name and the ID.