cannot access previously accessible website dns error

We are having a problem on our domain accessing a website we normally had access to. Our network has several sites and each of our sites has a domain controller and dns server. We have one main fsmo server at our corporate office.

When I am not connected to our network (using aircard or home connection) I can easily get to    As soon as I am on our domain or connected to VPN (that our ISP hosts) I am unable to connect. I should note that when users connect to vpn it is set to static our fsmo server's IP address so users can access network shares, etc.
I spoke to our ISP and we did tracert tests to it went through all of our ISP's routers and then hung up right before getting to to their site. The next thing I did was to hook my computer up to our network and then I staticed our dns settings to google's dns ( and so I could bypass our dns server.....when I did a ping to it resolved the IP ( but I still got a reply timed out.
anything that I can do to make this work like it used to? I can see this maybe being an issue on the server that we're trying to get to..perhaps it doesn't like the public IP we use to connect to it? Strange that we were able to reach this website just fine and then all of a sudden we can't.

Any suggestions would be fantastic. Thanks! I'm not an expert on root hints, conditional forwarders, etc. so any help is much appreciated!
Frank FerrerIT ManagerAsked:
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before amending your dns (which may affect internal stuff in some setups) try using NSLOOKUP to confirm if this is a DNS issue or not.

check what IP the website address resolves to internally, and try the same from somewhere else (eg at home)
If they are the same, your own DNS is not the issue.

if its the right IP, its likely to be a routing issue. you may need to speak to your ISP if this is the case as it looks like you've already gone down the traceroute direction.
few things to consider:

can you access other websites using https? if not, there may be a firewall setting blocking you.

is your internal AD domain related to the website you're unable to reach? eg or <something> if yes, you may have a split brain DNS issue.

does the website reside on your own network or is it hosted externally?
gheistCommented: says:

NS records at parent nameserver:      Your NS records at your parent nameserver are:
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Frank FerrerIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
thanks and totallytonto. Our internal AD domain is not relateed to the website we are wanting to reach. It is just a site that used to be able to reach. We use internal DNS on our Active Directory domain, i.e. we static each branch's dns to our fsmo server and then to itself. Not sure if the comment above applies to us. Are you saying to point our dns servers to the name servers above? that would affect anyone trying to get our internal dns to work, correct? Thanks.
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