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Audio and video on my windows 7 machine is suddenly choppy

I've recently found that audio played in browsers of players such as Windows Media player is recently choppy from time to time and it's as if the speaker or singer is stuttering. The same is true with plain videos also. How can this be corrected?
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First two things that I would check  are CPU utilization and HDD for bad blocks. CPU utilization you can see in task manager during stuttering, and bad blocks in event viewer (Windows logs/System).


The choppiness occurs when the cpu usage is not near maximum and no hdd problems appear in the windows event log.


It seems that cpu utilization is the problem but Windows Media Player and Firefox are taking a huge chunk of cpu. Wmiprvse and searhindexer are also using much of the cpu.
dovidf are you still experiencing this problem?
When things suddenly start to go wrong first check for spyware.
For a quick scan I use hijackthis.
It is in zip so download to a folder and extract it to that folder then run it and do a system scan and save a log, attach the log back here. The scan takes around a minute.
Then run a disc cleanup and delete cleanout temp files when temp files get large windows cpu increases as well.
I also use the free version Ccleaner to cleanup my system
How to use it guide
If windows updated WMP I found I also need to update my audio drivers and video drivers from the manufacturer if it Nvidea or DEL  HP etc.


I found the problem to be high cpu utilization. I switched from Avast free antivirus to Avg (for other reasons) and the utilization dropped and the problem has stopped
Wow that's unreal dovidf. Glad to see it solved. Thank you for the heads up.