error when opening project in visual studio 2013

Hi All,

i got latest code for my project from tfs and tried to open the .sln file in visual studio 2013. Here is the error.

The project "abc" is targeting ".NET Framework, version=v4.5.2" which is not installed on this machine. To proceed, select an option below.

1. change target to .net framework 4.5. You can change back to ".NET Framework, version=v4.5.2" at a later time.
2. Download the targeting pack for .NET Framework,Version=v.4.5.2. The project will not load
3. Do not load project

I do have .NET framework v.4.5.2 installed. I checked it via programs. I have visual studio 2013 update 2.
Can somebody throw light on this.

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It is most likely that you have installed the 4.5.2 runtime. You need to install 4.5.2 developer pack. Navigate to this site and install the required pack
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