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Hi i have a requirement in Forms as follows.

1) a form will have 3 blocks(3 tables)
 first one is client where I search for client and the corrosponding enrollments should be displayes
2) second one is Enrollments(enrolID is the main key and can have multple for one client and I am able to get that in my form (working fine)
3) third one is also multi line and programs and the Program ID is the unique key and enrol iD is the foreign key.

for eg.

client ID (first block)
enrolment (second block)

client iD    enrol ID
10               1
10               2
10               3

third block

EnrolID             Prog ID
1                            1001
1                             1002
2                              1003
2                               1004
3                              1005
3                               1006
i wrote on when button pressed(retrieve information)


    GO_BLOCK( 'block1' );

    GO_BLOCK( 'block2' );
    GO_BLOCK( 'block3' );
        'WHERE ENROl_ID = ' || :block2.ENROl_ID);

i am able to get only for the first row in second block but other rows are not showing up. as I move my cursor to next record it should show the next record programs. can you please advise. thanks.
EnrolID             Prog ID
1                            1001
1                             1002
but not for others enrolments.
Sarma VadlamaniprogrammeranalystAsked:
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If you don't know how to code it,  still use the wizard and take a peek in the fmb : the code will be there.  (relationships between the blocks, when-new-records-triggers on a master block that trigger the execute_query of the detail-block and the same construction for the second-relationship).
I used designer about 20 years back to generate forms and was not pleased with it.  I know since then it improved, but I don't use it so I can't give you advise in using designer todo this.
If you use the wizard to create the blocks you  get -  when creating the second block -  the question if you want to create a relation ship too: use it to create the relationship between client en Enrollments and use the same method to create a relationship between enrollments and programs,  
Oracle forms will create the necessary triggers to synchronise the child blocks with the mastberblocks.
If you don't want to recreate your form do those actions in a new form,  look what oracle generates an copy what you need.  
But if you don't have much experience with forms : use the wizard.

the where clause on (:PARAMETER.PNIN_CLIENT_ID))  can be defined in the block-properties of the form (if you always
want to use it)
If you only want to use it when pressing the button consider using the ONETIME_WHERE  block-property
Sarma VadlamaniprogrammeranalystAuthor Commented:
but I am not using forms to generate but using designer to generate the forms.please advise.
Sarma VadlamaniprogrammeranalystAuthor Commented:
plesae find the screenshot. i am getting for first record but when trying to navigate to next row
not showing corrosponding records. code i am writing in designer and using the same to generate forms.screenshot.doc
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