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Start Time

Experts, I have a query.  How can I set a field to say 10am?  ie Start Time: (this field needs to be 10am)

thank you
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Dale Fye
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If you set the field to a date/time data type, you can use the value:


This represents 10/24 ths of a day.  If you look at the data in the field, without setting the format to one of the Time formats, it will likely display:

12/30/1899 10:00 AM

Because the integer portion (in this case zero) represents days from 12/30/1899
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Dale:  I am in design mode in a query.  The field is not from a table and I assume you are referring to the field properties in the table.  Not sure if I follow correctly though.

please see pic:  thyis might explain it better

User generated image
StartTime: 10/24

StartTime: .416666667

Then right click on the column header for that column (narrow bar between the grid and the horizontal scroll bar associated with the top part of the query design window) and set the Format property of that column to Short/Medium/Long time
try this

StartTime: TimeSerial(10,0,0)
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the query will still force it to display #10:00:00 AM#  if you use #10:00#
I guess I was making it harder than it needed to be, must have been a late afternoon brain fart!
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That was it.  thank you!